Norconsult has worked on international projects in more than 150 countries over the past 50 years. We are both a sought-after partner for Norwegian companies abroad, as well as for local companies where we have a presence.

Norconsult has contributed to developing local infrastructure in many emerging economies. We focus especially on selected markets in South America, southern Africa and South-East Asia, where we have established local offices. In addition, we establish project offices in other locations when required, and are also constantly considering the establishment of more offices in new regions.

The geographical areas we are investing in are areas of great need for the development of, among other things, sustainable energy, where we have much to add. In a world where greenhouse gas emissions are steadily increasing, Norconsult focuses heavily on renewable energy and works actively against the emission of greenhouse gases.

Although Norcnsult as a company offers a complete range of services, we focus on certain services internationally. Please refer to our specific international focus areas listed in the menu on the left. If you cannot locate the service you are interested in here, please look under Business areas and contact us for further inquiries.

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