Norconsult considers that those who design important installations are also those best qualified to reduce risk exposure in society.

We face more exposure to risk factors such as incidents and accidents that could be caused by changing climatic conditions, increased dependency on technology, structural changes in society in general as well as a changed national and international threat scenarios.

There is therefore an increasing need for active risk control. This requires system understanding, methodical approach and focus on the implementation of measures.

Safety and contingency planning in Norway are based upon responsibility, equality and the proximity principle. Norconsult ensures the integrity of these principles with respect to consulting services and choice of solutions. Our solution-oriented services within transportation, ICT, water and energy supply, buildings, fire engineering, dangerous goods and acute pollution contribute to increased safety both for our clients and society as a whole.

The large resource base of competent Norconsult staff ensures capacity, flexibility and the strength to successfully meet the contingency challenges in modern business and society.

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