Norconsult is a leading company in Norway providing services in the municipal engineering sector. Transport systems for water and waste and other technical infrastructure such as cable systems, district heating, cooling and systems for oil and gas are central areas for our operations.

Treatment plants for both water and drainage constitute an increasing share of the municipal engineering sector with specialisation in new technology for treatment of sewage, handling of storm water run-off from urban areas, leaching water from waste disposal sites and oily water from industry.

The execution of large multidisciplinary projects, with a large degree of interface and general infrastructure co-ordination is one of our specialties. The co-ordination of conveying routing of technical infrastructure has become a special area and represents some of the most complex development projects we have done in water supply, wastewater treatment, pipelines and cabling projects.

It is important to arrive at an overall solution that does not reduce the quality of each single element of a project to below the set requirements. This requires close co-operation between all parties and extensive interface co-ordination. Through this experience, Norconsult has become a sought-after participant in this type of multi-disciplinary projects.